you valued your university’s knack for producing pros?

There is this growing debate that myself and my closest friends tend to have on a regular basis; and that is: Who is the true “D-B-U”? The two schools in question always remain LSU and the University of Texas for their propensity to produce standout defensive backs in the NFL. For many years, Penn State was considered to be “Linebacker U” and Clemson could very well be “Wide Receiver U”, at the moment. WHAT IF universities began to value this tradition in order to bolster their school’s image and brand when it came to recruiting? For most high-school football players the idea of making it to the NFL is the ultimate dream, and for those that play applicable positions, why not follow in the footsteps of the greats before you?

WHAT IF this moniker helps bolster the cache of your university, drive tickets sales, as well as apparel revenue? Also, think of the impact it could have towards a program, if on NBC Sunday Night Football, a former player would simply call his university: “D-B-U”, etc.