you covered your walls?

Every empty wall is a metaphorical marketing canvas to tell a brand story. Unfortunately, few schools use them in such a way. The most blatant miss being inside sports stadiums. Unless, as a fan, you’re fortunate enough to have a box seat or are sitting in a corporate suite, you’re typically subjected to wall-to-wall concrete that feels more like the underside of a bridge than a stadium. While fans are waiting in line for a $10 hot dog, they need something to look at. Something to read. With the majority of stadiums missing network connections, their phones are essentially useless. Unfortunately, so are the insides of most of the stadiums in their current form. Change that. WHAT IF you turned the inside of your stadium into a museum? WHAT IF your walls were filled with team relics? Jerseys of former greats. Game used balls from historic wins. One of your biggest opportunities is to tell stories to your youngest and most impressionable fans. Give them something to look at, fall in love with, and remember. Something besides that hot dog.