your sideline had style?

Look good. Feel good. Coach good? Why not? Confidence is confidence, and if looking good on the sideline puts a little pep in your coaching staff’s step, then what do you have to lose? Nothing. All gains. But, regardless of the existence (or lack there of) of a performance benefit, putting your coaching staff in noteworthy apparel and footwear is a brand marketing opportunity. And it’s one few schools are taking advantage of, opening the door to potential earned media and an immediate point of differentiation. Your coaching staff members are walking, talking billboards just as much as your players. Use them. WHAT IF your coaching staff wore throwback apparel and footwear during retro uniform games? WHAT IF you collaborated with well-known designers or sneaker shops to create custom coaching gear? ¬†WHAT IF you brought in style and culture magazines to cover your coaching staff’s gear week to week?