you stole the iceland chant?

Don’t actually steal the Iceland chant. You’re better than that and it’s not authentic to your brand, so it wouldn’t make any sense. But, steal the idea. I’m all for that. One of my former bosses once encouraged me to cast ego aside and embrace the adoption of a competitor’s ideas. With one stipulation…make it better. I’ve always kept that with me and I fully embrace it.

As does the Iceland soccer federation apparently. It turns out the “thunder clap” and “huh” chant combination that earned the country national media attention during the 2016 Euro Cup, is not actually native to Iceland. It was actually inspired by fans of a Scottish club called Motherwell. The Icelandic federation has since adopted and embraced it. Kudos.

But, what I love more than anything about the chant is the fact that it involves the entire crowd. I can’t tell you how tired I am of seeing chants only executed by the student section. Part of that is the fault of the non-student contingent, which has apparently lost the passion for life and song. But the real blame goes to the school, which does nothing to create stadium-wide engagement. WHAT IF schools focused on fan focused chants rather than helmet race videos? WHAT IF schools emphasized and empowered the cheer team? WHAT IF schools hired a professional staff whose sole job was to curate a one of a kind (brand-right) atmosphere?