seeing is believing?

Think about your efforts to tell your story this way: in a typical morning, a potential recruit may come across two or three people wearing your school’s apparel (someone in a T-shirt here, another in a hat there), while later in that same day, on the way to lunch, he may see a flag with your university’s logo on it waving from one car and a prominent decal featured on another. While driving through a neighborhood that night, he may spot a house with a sign in the window in your school’s color and with your mascot and motto on it. His destination that night may actually be to the home of an alum or current fan of your school, who happens to have a nice collection of sports memorabilia from your program that she likes to show off. All told, that’s around six points of contact with your program’s brand in one day. That young man will go to sleep fully aware of the passion and strength of your program, and it’s that passion and strength that draw in new fans and land blue-chip recruits. Consistency. Frequency.

It’s YOUR job to plant the brand seeds that bloom into these points of contact. It’s YOUR job to create the perception of dominance within communities across your city, state, and region within this country. It’s YOUR job to paint the picture.