you copied amazon prime?

It is staggering to consider just how massive Amazon has become. Not only did the retail giant report Q1 net sales at $35.7 billion (a 23% increase), recent reports estimate that HALF of ALL U.S. HOUSEHOLDS are Prime subscribers. At $99 per member per year, that equates to more than $5 billion annually from consumers willing to pay upfront for, primarily, free shipping, plus some exclusive video content.

In the spirit of copying from the best, how might college athletic departments create a similarly structured annual membership package at a reasonable yearly or monthly (automatically renewing) rate? How much might a fan pay for the ability to purchase single-game tickets without any fees WHAT IF it also included priority to purchase postseason and away game tickets (after donors or season ticket holders, perhaps, if they’re not already granted membership) plus, say, an exclusive monthly video message from a coach? Could we include a discount on merchandise and/or concessions as well?

It would be important for such a package to complement, rather than compete with, the fundraising efforts of the development office. Often, a foundation is focused, rightly, on major gifts, but less so on an audience willing to give $9/month to support their school and receive some added perks in return. Creating a Prime-style membership could fill that void, expand the department’s reach to new fans, and generate additional revenues for the university.