branding starts here?

Google your favorite current collegiate athlete for any sport, gender, or team. What are the first things that pop up? Stats, awards, Wikipedia bio, video interviews, recent news articles, and social media profiles.

Now dig a little deeper.

Can you find their major, hometown, high school, family members? Probably.

How about what clubs on campus they are involved in? Can you find a description of their pregame ritual? Favorite movie? Past internships and career goals? Not likely, and most definitely NOT in one place.

WHAT IF within a university’s athletics website, all student-athletes had an opportunity to create a BIO that went beyond on-field statistics? WHAT IF it showcased who they are as a college STUDENT, and not just an ATHLETE? WHAT IF athletic departments taught their student-athletes how to brand and market themselves to future employers, alumni, donors, and fans worldwide? To show that these college kids are more relatable than their Twitter or Instagram profiles may portray. Wouldn’t athletic departments draw stronger fan/alumni/donor engagement to their website using THEIR student-athletes? WHAT IF this simple idea was a difference maker between a patron making a donation or a recruit choosing your school? WHAT IF BRANDING STARTS HERE?