you crashed draft night?

According to Sporting News, regular season college basketball games average a mere 430k viewers and often barely register a television rating. On the other hand, the NBA Draft often draws more than 3MM viewers. Now, THAT is a party worth crashing. It might say “NBA” in the title, but I see draft night as an exposure opportunity for college programs, not professional ones. And yet we rarely see schools represented during the event. Once again, we need to think differently about the opportunities that stare us in the face. WHAT IF your drafted alumni were covered in school branding as they take the stage? WHAT IF the suit matched your school colors, the tie was covered in your logo and the shoes were sneakers instead, customized to celebrate your program? Why would the athlete do it? You might want to sit for this…WHAT IF you paid them to do it? It’s a media opportunity for you and a way to make additional money for them. Open the wallet and crash this party.