your school had a pro draft pr plan?

No matter the sport, the professional draft brings together a combination of college and pro fans unlike any other event. The number of viewers on the TV broadcast, conversations via social media and activity within the message boards are all elevated. WHAT IF you told your program’s brand story through media activations around your alums’ pro drafts? WHAT IF you crashed the draft’s PR “party” with your program messaging, leveraging the national media and consumer attention to further build association with your alum well beyond their college days. The moments before, during and after your alum is drafted offers your school the unique opportunity to share your story through a combination of social, editorial and on the ground activations to new national and regional audiences. Around each draft, the league’s sponsors activate with athlete appearances, social campaigns and TV ads – but often times come off as too corporate to really break through. Colleges though, have the ideal opportunity to authentically story-tell around their alums journey to the draft, the joy of being selected and their future in a new city. The key milestones leading up to the draft are incredible content opportunities for you to infuse your program’s messaging into the narrative.