you owned the sky?

In previous posts, I’ve explored opportunities to showcase your program’s creative in new and unique ways – especially if you do not have the budget to purchase out of home space – on your team planes and vehicles. As we continue to brainstorm disruptive ways to tell your brand story, WHAT IF you thought even bigger than your own means of transportation? WHAT IF you considered spaces beyond billboards, newspapers or within your stadium? WHAT IF you just looked a little higher? The sky above your arena, field or stadium is the ultimate out of home space and it doesn’t cost anything to purchase. WHAT IF you owned the sky above your stadium, with program creative tied back to your brand narrative? Whether that is a special fireworks show, an aerial sky-writing message or a plane or helicopter featuring your creative, you will no doubt garner eyeballs on your story. Yes, there will be costs associated with this tactic, but the PR, social media and pure conversation will be worth the investment – plus you don’t accrue any additional costs for renting the space or purchasing the media. There are no space limitations and you can have creative license as much as you want.