your script is killing gameday?

So you’re the “Fan Experience” director and your role is to produce the stadium show. You build a script by working with various departments. Every timeout is scripted perfectly so nothing can go wrong. What if I told you that hefty packet you call your script should be thrown out the window?


A football game is dynamic. Crowd momentum shifts before our eyes and players feel it. To script every timeout before the game even begins would be the equivalent of a musician composing a movie score without ever seeing the movie.


You can improve your atmosphere right now by adopting the “game conditional call.” Instead of scripting each break to a tee, only schedule things that truly need to be scheduled like on-field presentations. Take the rest of your programming and throw it into the “as called” bucket. Now you can let the game itself dictate what programming comes next. No one wants to see your University’s Dental School video before the biggest defensive series of the game.


Think of yourself as a coach with a playbook. It’s your job to call for the right thing at the right time.


Are you ready to toss that script out the window now?