pregame brought in money and headlines?

In the professional ranks, pre-game has become a platform for players to make fashion statements (and sometimes political ones). What if your program took advantage of pre-game in the same way? One of my marketing philosophies is to break up stories as much as I can in order to extend the length of possible conversation and coverage. This is no different. By doing something during pre-game as a team, and then unveiling a new uniform or basketball shoe or baseball cleat during the game, you’ve just given yourself two potential opportunities for storytelling and media coverage every single game. Think about the media value you can assign to that, especially for those of you without major budgets. Suddenly your program is in the conversation as much as the bigger programs in your sport, if not more. That means more potential recruits seeing and hearing about your school. WHAT IF your team wore a different pre-game tee shirt every game while warming up? WHAT IF your team wore different footwear pre-game each week? WHAT IF fans could buy those products the same day?