why everyone wants the Amex black card

The American Express Centurion, commonly known as simply “the Amex black card,” is a titanium credit card that has become synonymous with affluence. Forbes called it “the Bugatti of credit cards.” Yahoo! Finance described it as the “status symbol du jour for high-end cardholders.” If you have one, you’re part of a very elite community and no doubt get excited every time you have a reason to pull it out of your wallet.

The reality is, the card itself is not much different from any other credit card, and it actually charges higher fees than some of its competitors. But for black card holders, none of that matters. What does matter is the status that comes with it—status built from a calculated story spun by some very intelligent marketers at American Express. From the deluxe presentation upon arrival to your home or office to the color black itself, the product exudes superiority and sophistication.



The black card is the credit card for the 1%.