why you need to look at the competition

You can’t differentiate your brand without knowing what personalities and characters currently exist within your respective industry. The quickest way to break through the clutter is to establish a story unlike anything your audience has seen before. In order for that to happen, you must understand your competition inside and out. The more you know about your rivals, the easier it will be to separate yourself from them


“Maybe I don’t look like the average punter, but that’s cool with me, because I’m not trying to be average.” —Marquette King


You might not recognize the name Marquette King, but chances are you’d know the name if I preceded it with “the dancing punter.” In fact, if you type “dancing punter” into Google, you’ll find yourself inundated with story after story about the NFL’s most charismatic specialist who has become known more for his theatrics after the kick than for the kick itself. In a league overcome by sack and touchdown dances, how is it that Marquette King’s dancing stands out? It’s because he’s a punter, and punters don’t dance, at least none that I’ve seen. King found and exploited a void within his own particular profession. While every other player on the field—even the kicker—can be found celebrating and showing off his personality at times throughout a game, for whatever reason, punters cannot. Until King. It’s because of that stereotype-defying approach that we know who he is.



Marquette King is the punter with personality.