why you need to look in the mirror

People often assume that athletes are only passionate about the sport they play, but that’s rarely the case. In many instances, an individual’s natural physical talent sets them up for success in the pool or on the diamond, but outside of athletics is where they truly find their greatest inspiration. For your brand to be successful, it must be built on a foundation of passion. Part of your personal discovery will be to uncover that which brings you to life.


As much as I love basketball, my whole life I’ve been passionate about other things too. —Damian Lillard


First-round pick. Rookie of the year. All-star. Rapper. Damian Lillard is more than an NBA basketball player; he’s also a musician, and a good one at that. Dame DOLLA, as he is known in the music world, has earned every bit of respect he’s garnered outside of the NBA. In 2013 he started “4BarFriday,” a weekly Instagram freestyle challenge that has over 70,000 followers. Lillard leveraged his athletic celebrity to open the door to a promising music career. According to renowned radio host Sway Calloway, the Portland Trail Blazer has turned his passion into a potential full-time vocation and brand differentiator: “Damian Lillard is the best rapper in the NBA.”



Damian Lillard is the athlete fusing basketball and hip-hop.