brand positioning tip: be the best

Bo Jackson’s career didn’t last long enough for him to be considered one of the greatest running backs or outfielders of our generation. It’s the fact that his legacy spans multiple sports that differentiates his brand. Jackson played both professional football and baseball, and while several athletes have played more than one sport, no one did it better than Bo. As the first athlete to be named to the all-star game of two sports, Jackson was chosen as the greatest athlete of all time by ESPN.


“I was the toughest SOB on the field, it didn’t matter what it was.” —Bo Jackson


Jackson’s immortalization was aided by a marketing campaign that perfectly encapsulated his enormity. Nike’s “Bo Knows” campaign told the story of an athlete who could do it all. From basketball to tennis, hockey to music, the infamous television spot suggested that the multitalented competitor could conquer anything—a story validated by his performance on the field. The commercial itself gave Jackson the perfect brand narrative and will go down as one of the finest athlete endorsement campaigns of our generation. He may not have been the first or the only multisport athlete, but there’s little doubt that he was the best.




Bo Jackson is the best multisport athlete of all time.