brand positioning tip: be the only

In the 1960s a high-jumper from Oregon State University revolutionized his sport by failing. As was the case for most high-jumpers in those days, Dick Fosbury was urged to use the “straddle” technique, where the jumper crosses the bar face down. But he failed to pick up this traditional method, so instead he tried a different approach: crossing the bar face up, which people described as going “backwards over the bar.” At the time he was the only athlete using this method.


“In 1968 Mexico, the spectators were so surprised by what I was doing, that they stopped cheering and just looked.” —Dick Fosbury


Fifty years later, this preeminent technique is now known as the “Fosbury Flop.” Fosbury used it to win a 1968 Olympic gold medal—along with the preservation of his brand and name forever.




Dick Fosbury was the only high jumper to go backwards over the bar.