be ready to tell your brand story

There will be favorable times in your career where you become the subject of local, regional, or even national conversation. It could be around your commitment to a school, an extraordinary performance in a game, or your part in winning a title. The time will come when people are singing your praises and you’re trending. While all of that conversation is free of charge and organic, that does not mean it’s time to close your wallet or slow down on your content releases. It’s just the opposite, in fact. Strike while the iron is hot. Take advantage of the excitement around your brand to create ever more buzz, except this time focus on the part of your story that really matters to you personally. The part of the story no one knows about.

Do you play an instrument? Is music your true love? Do you plan on diving into song writing full time after your athletic career is up? Now is the time to tell the world. Show people who you are underneath the uniform. With your success comes a public that’s more willing to lend an ear. When they do, you need to be ready to tell that untold story. It’s these moments when you reach your highest levels of success in sports that will set you up for your greatest levels of influence outside of it.

But only if you’re ready.

In the industry the phrase we use is “planned reactive,” meaning having content and budget prepared for moments that we anticipate might happen. What are we going to do if one of our athletes wins the MVP award? We’re ready with content and money to invest. What are we going to do if our school wins the national championship? We’re ready with content and money to invest.

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