you took mobile billboards a step further?

In a previous post, I explored the opportunity to leverage team planes and buses as traveling billboards for your program. WHAT IF you took this concept a step further and looked on-field or on-court for additional moving billboards? Look no further than your own athletes to rethink this real-time marketing opportunity. WHAT IF you offered athletes the opportunity to show their team spirit by cutting school logos into their hair? Some programs have already installed barbershops into their athlete facilities but WHAT IF you took the promotion of these benefits to a higher level by creating content around teams getting team logos cut into their hair? You know fans will jump all over this trend and copy this trend on their own. This story can certainly extend beyond your campus. The unique hairstyles of an individual athlete historically garner breakthrough editorial and social conversation. Whether it was Dennis Rodman’s colorful new looks in the pre-social media era or Manchester United star Paul Pogba today cutting a new design in his hair prior to each match, this tactic has trained fans and media to immediately focus on these athletes as soon as they arrived to their stadium. Imagine an entire team promoting your program’s brand in unique ways?