you scripted to win the game?

Football coaches are known to script the first 15 plays of a game. It’s a comfort thing for the team and the staff. But on gameday when the opponent shows the formation they didn’t see on film, the script goes out the window. Immediately. Fan Experience Gameday Directors should take a page out of their head football coach’s playbook.

Your perfectly organized Gameday script might be suitable if you were producing a studio show, but a college football game is a live event. To script each media timeout to a tee on Tuesday of game week and to refuse to budge on Gameday is a disservice to the fans and the team.

Never forget this: the Gameday production team’s ONLY mission is to help the football team win a football game in the football team’s stadium. That may mean blowing off that scripted sponsor PA read. That may take your music and video operators out of their comfort zone. But greatness is often accomplished outside the comfort zone.

You play to win the game, but do you script to win the game? From marketing interns to Athletic Directors, ask yourself that question before the next home game.