your team had a signature shoe?

Jordan started it. Lebron got one. Kobe too. Durant. D. Rose. Harden. Megatron. Cam. The list of athletes with their own signature shoe goes on and on. You know what list doesn’t? The list of programs with their own shoe. Why not? Why not your team? Why doesn’t a program have a signature basketball shoe or football cleat or soccer boot? Now, I’m not simply suggesting an “exclusive colorway” of an existing silhouette. I’m proposing a 100% custom shoe for your program. Of course we’re talking about the top one percent of programs. If you’re going to ask your footwear partner for a signature shoe, you better bring your championship rings to the pitch meeting. You want to differentiate your program through things seventeen and eighteen year old high school kids care about? Start with the clothes. It matters. Don’t believe it? Scroll through Twitter the next time adidas launches a new YEEZY. That should change your mind. WHAT IF your team had its own signature shoe? WHAT IF your program’s footwear was one of a kind?