you promoted your coaching tree?

A coaching legend’s “tree’ if often referenced when tracking his or hers former assistants who have gone on to run teams of their own. This lineage is a key component of fan and media discussing their favorite or the best coaches in sports. WHAT IF you highlighted your program’s own coaching tree, featuring former coaches or players who have moved on to lead teams at the pro level? Continuing to build association with former members of your program – while leveraging their current successes at the next level – will provide new audiences for your brand story. Much like you would consistently promote your former athlete alums via social and editorial content, do the same for your coaches. WHAT IF you even took it a step further and promoted former students who have gone on to become success stories in sports business? Yale recently celebrated alum Theo Epstein on social media after his Cubs won the World Series. That simple association between your school and a sports influencer goes a long way to building your overall brand narrative and it takes no time or budget. Build your own “tree” and you’ll see your school narrative continue to rise as your alums succeed at the next level.