you own who you are?

The Power 5 is different in almost every way when compared to a mid-major program. Bigger budgets, charter flights, national schedules and larger staffs are just a few of the ways they differ. If you aren’t a Power 5, when building a marketing and advertising plan why not OWN who YOU are?

At Mercer, we are about 2 hours away from UGA and Auburn and an hour from Georgia Tech. We are a FCS mid-major program in the Southern Conference. Our stadium seats just over 10,000…Georgia’s is about 10x the size. We have never sent an athlete to the NFL or NBA unlike the Bulldogs, Tigers, and Yellow Jackets. We ARE, however, able to fill our stadium, pack our arena, and set fundraising records year after year.


Why? How can we separate ourselves when we are in the shadows of the SEC and ACC?




We sell access to our athletes and coaches. We allow fans to join our players on the football field after games. We are affordable. People can golf in the morning, go out to lunch, tailgate, go to our football game and still be home for dinner. Up the road at our Power 5 counterparts there isn’t any field access. A game weekend is just that – a WEEKEND.


By knowing and owning who we are and highlighting the positive differences between the two levels, we have built a strong following and monetized our brand. Conversely, if we tried to compete with the Power 5 in traditional ways we would lose every battle.


Own who you are…and separate your program accordingly.