you experimented at spring practice?

Change is hard in life. Change is even harder in college sports. I’ve worked with athletic departments ranging from Notre Dame to Texas A&M, Michigan to Miami. Every school is different, yet every school is the same. The same issues exist at every school and they typically start with boosters and alumni. “What will the boosters say about these new uniforms?!?” From there, we get to worry about the fans. “The fans are going to blow us up on social for this.” Typically I would respond to the administration’s concerns with this question: “Do the players like it?” Because if the players like it, the boosters and fans will too. It’s just a matter of making that sentiment known to whom it may concern. However, to be safe, WHAT IF schools used spring practice in football and Midnight Madness in basketball to “test” new uniforms and gear?  The risk is minimized, the season hasn’t started, and the angst is less severe. If the reaction is too much too overcome, the story goes from new uniforms to new practice uniforms. No harm done.