co-branding took center stage?

A new pair of Adidas Supernova running shoes were delivered to my office recently. The shoes were mid-level Adidas and not terribly expensive. A co-worker walked into my office, picked up the shoes, and stated, “wow these must be expensive – they have the Continental Tire soles.” That assumption increased the perceived value of the shoe and led this co-worker to mention Continental Tire (a company she may have never mentioned in casual conversation otherwise).


This led me to think about a couple other co-branding examples…

Pop Tarts featuring Smuckers jelly and Dodge Chargers with BeatsAudio sound systems. Do Pop Tarts taste better due to the Smuckers? Have they always used Smuckers but just started to advertise it? Do the Charger speakers deliver a more crisp sound if they are Beats? At the end of the day the answer doesn’t really matter – what matters is through co-branding, both the taste of the Pop Tarts jelly and the sound of the Dodge Charger speakers are PERCEIVED as better due to the partnerships.


WHAT IF instead of a sign in the outfield or an ad in the game program collegiate marketers operated with a focus on co-branding with sponsors and partners?


PS The Smuckers jelly is fantastic