you paid attention to street art?

Have you ever heard of the artist Banksy? If not, Google him. If that peaks your interest, watch one of the documentaries about him – a couple good ones are How to Sell a Banksy and Exit Through the Gift Shop. To boil it down to one statement, Banksy is the most famous street artist of all time…and also a wanted criminal.

If you don’t know what street art is, it’s a medium which is in public locations, usually done without permission, and is meant to elicit a reaction or feeling. I am sure you are familiar with the Andre the Giant street art project – even if you don’t realize it (again, Google it).

What if instead of a ticket sales billboard or a digital game today sign, a street art approach was taken to marketing your department or team? Stickers in unexpected places, signage where you don’t expect it, or installations in a public square. Can your brand be the next Andre the Giant?