you let your cheerleaders cheer?

It hurts me deep in my marketing soul when I see brands checking boxes for the sake of tradition. That’s exactly how I feel about most of the cheerleading squads in college sports. For the life of me, I can’t seem to figure out why they are there. What are they actually doing? Is anyone paying attention? It certainly doesn’t seem like it. Is it the cheerleading team’s fault? I don’t think so. I think it’s the administration’s fault. I think it’s college sports’ fault. Cheerleaders are checking a “tradition box” right now, rather than actually leading any cheers. Why have a cheerleading team if you’re not going to empower them to lead cheers? One school that does in fact empower a cheerleader, what they call a “Yell Leader,” is Texas A&M. They do it right. Every home football game is packed full of rehearsed cheers that the Yell Leader directs like a maestro of an orchestra. Because of that, the experience is both unique and memorable. Imagine the impact that type of environment has on a visiting recruit. WHAT IF your cheerleaders engaged your fans for the entire game? WHAT IF people actually followed your cheerleaders?