we never stopped improving?

“I’m going to be hard on you, but you’ll be a better marketer when we’re done.”

That’s the first thing I tell anyone who wants to work for me or with me. It’s a warning and a promise. Marketing is not my job, it’s my passion. And because of that love for my work, my brain is hardwired for constant growth. We (my team and I) may perfect ninety-nine out of one-hundred activation marks on a project, but I will zero in on that single missing digit until it’s perfect.

And I truly believe that is why I’ve made it this far and why those who have worked for me have moved onto bigger and better things since. I’m proud of that. Proud to have worked my ass off to reach my goals and proud to have helped those around me do the same. I don’t see the point in settling for anything less than perfection. That also means, I’m not for everyone. And that’s okay. That’s life. And brand marketing.

To excel at something, you must be consumed. To build a brand, you must be obsessed. If you’re not, you will likely be left with neither. A project is never done for the successful brand marketer. The great ones do not stop to read their press clippings, they simply take those learnings and translate them into the next bigger and better activation or campaign. This will be a key to your success.

A brand manager’s job is to find the cracks in what appears to be flawless armor. Where are you soft, where are the holes, where are you susceptible? That is if you want to build a brand that lasts. That is if you want to leave your mark on your industry.

Having the confidence to maliciously critique your own work without flinching is a prerequisite to success. Working tirelessly to improve upon your work is a prerequisite to success. If you’re expecting anything else, brand marketing is not the industry for you.

Is it easy to work like this? No, but you’ll be a better marketer when we’re done.