you were first to the latest brand identity trend?

Netflix this week joined the growing list of tech companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, etc.) to create their own fonts, garnering national headlines in the process. The vast amount of editorial and social conversations got me thinking, WHAT IF your school, program or team had their own unique font? Netflix’s design lead said the new font “created an ownable and unique element for the brand’s aesthetic,” which can certainly apply to college athletic departments looking to grow their own brand narrative. Although the topic of “fonts” might not be the most exciting, there is nothing more widely viewed across every communication channel than a team’s logo/uniform/font. WHAT IF you mirrored the tech industry and owned this aesthetic element of your program? Imagine being able to tell your brand story more authentically and organically by creating and using a font that is exclusive to your school. The opportunities to infuse this aesthetic via apparel, marketing, advertising, public relations and social media channels are endless. Consequently, having a consistent look and feel that is authentic to your brand positioning, would go a long way to telling a cohesive story and elevating your brand narrative.