there’s brand gold in your basement?

*The following is an excerpt from the book Brands Win Championships*

A mistake I often see is universities disposing of memorabilia from games or moments of the past. Chronicled or not, never throw old memorabilia away. There are plenty of fans out there who will put what may look like junk to good use. Reward your most loyal fans, and you will get much more in return. Find your fanatics and give them the memorabilia you were thinking about throwing out.

One specific opportunity to turn trash to treasure centers around those specific brand ambassadors who have gone so far as to create the fan-mobiles referenced earlier. You know the people I’m talking about the folks who take an old van and paint the entire thing in your school colors, cover it with memorabilia, change the horn to your fight song, and by doing so become something of a local legend. Those are the fans that make college sports so great, and it’s those fans who will bring in new blood, believe it or not. They’ll put your memorabilia to use, as I said, but they’ll also make sure it gets seen.