you shared your brand’s history?

If your program has a history worth talking about, talk about it! Provide your fan base with video or literature about your program. If you don’t tell people how great your program is, how will they find out? History is something that can never be changed, and if your program has had success in the past, it is important to ensure your fans know about it. This is a great way to arm your ambassadors, providing them with more tools in their efforts to recruit new members to your army. Trust me, as one of these ambassadors myself, I know these men and women are constantly looking to convert their friends and family.

iTunes sells classic college football and basketball games, as well as documentaries on major college programs, while Netflix carries similar content on a subscription basis. These are great avenues to reach current and potential fans, not to mention recruits. Imagine being able to drive a potential recruit onto iTunes to download one of your program’s signature victories for just a couple of dollars. Having something like that on a young man or woman’s iPhone or home computer, while he or she decides where to spend the next four to five years, can be very impactful. Guess what these recruits are watching on the way home.