you visualized your fans’ passion?

*The following is an excerpt from the book Brands Win Championships*

Some schools have more opportunity to get creative than others with their accessories, whether it be through their mascot or their story. One example would be the beaver tails that can be seen attached to the back of automobiles of proud Oregon State University supporters. These faux beaver tails attach to the back of your car. It may sound tacky, but it makes an impact. Off–the-wall items like beaver tails are fantastic ways of drawing attention and affecting perception, more so than magnets or flags, for two reasons: 1) they’re disruptive and stand out, and 2) your initial reaction as a passerby is to think that Oregon State fans must be crazy (emphasis on crazy) about their university to put something that ridiculous on their car.

Remember, passion pulls like a magnet. It’s tactics like beaver tails that grow a fan base and put your school on the top of minds locally, regionally, and if you create something PR worthy, nationally. Figure out a unique piece for your university and get it in the hands of your most passionate fans (i.e., the die-hard fans that attend your team’s scrimmages, recruiting dinners, banquets, etc.). These are the fans that will grow a tail for you.