creativity was in a sandbox?

After five years of building a visual brand, I’ve learned perception is contingent upon creativity and consistency. Imagine a sandbox. Inside a sandbox, you are equipped with a variety of useful tools to create your unique masterpiece. My parents would warn me to not bring anything foreign into the sandbox so I would not dirty the clean sand. This concept applies to your creative sandbox as well. If you stray too far from your core elements, you dilute your brand and affect the consistency and perception you’ve created. Every school wants to stand out from the rest. Schools like Purdue, Texas and Tennessee effectively utilize their sandboxes by using consistent elements, typography and familiarity in their work, making them immediately identifiable to their recruits and fan bases. Although creatives cannot control wins and losses, they can control the work they produce. That work can then play a crucial role in landing a big-time recruit. Effective recruiting can lead to more wins which then leads to success and profit for programs. As more schools invest in their creative departments, we will not only see recruiting wars waging, but creative wars will wage too.