your school ruled 7-on-7’s?

7-on-7 football is a recruiting goldmine. The best high school skill position players in the country play in 7-on-7 tournaments up to and immediately after the regular season ends. Not only that, every major recruiting site covers the top teams. Those are the same sites that potential college athletes and their parents frequent. Wouldn’t it be nice if those individuals consistently saw your program’s brand in and around these 7-on-7 stories? Wouldn’t it be nice if your program was the brand these athletes represented along with their hometown or region? The prized possession at these events comes in the form of bragging rights. To say that Southern California football players are better than those in South Florida, and vice versa. Chances are your program represents a region currently housing a 7-on-7 team. Imagine the brand loyalty a program would garner from these potential athletes if a program supported their passion and love for their hometown at these events. WHAT IF the 7-on-7 team in your area shared your name, logo and/or colors? WHAT IF you sponsored a team? WHAT IF you sponsored a practice field for your local team? WHAT IF your junior days became a 7-on-7 showcase?  Where there’s a rule, there’s a way.