you only played in big cities?

I know. Crazy right? But is it really? I have several favorite catch phrases that I spout off consistently in my work. One is: “Fish where the fish are.” By playing in a bigger city, you’re exposing your program to a much larger audience. A much larger pool of fish, if you will. It’s not rocket science. I’m not reinventing the wheel here. So why do so few teams do it? Take Oregon State baseball for example. A three-time national champion and no doubt a sexy program to a large audience. However, if the team remains in college-town Corvallis for every home game, the program is missing an opportunity to grow its fan base. Corvallis is full of existing fans. There are unlikely to be many potential additions to the fan base in their own back yard. However, Portland, the biggest city in the state, is a land full of fan opportunity. So why not bring your team to Portland on a more consistent basis? Why not fish where the fish are? WHAT IF you played half of your home games in the biggest city in your state?