branding is the key to recruiting?

I’ve been blessed to be in the business of football for over two decades & the common denominator I’ve found to continued & sustained success is through recruiting. Recruiting is not SOLELY the search for the biggest, strongest & fastest athletes available. True successful recruiting comes from EVALUATING those athletes & finding out who truly fits into your CULTURE. You need to choose them & they need to choose you because of a shared system of VALUES & GOALS.

Writing that last paragraph down is very EASY but APPLYING that systematically requires much more CONVICTION. The bigger, faster & stronger player will always be ATTRACTIVE but you must be COMMITTED to doing what’s right for your CULTURE. That’s WHY truly & accurately BRANDING your PROGRAM is so vital.

Clearly communicating your VISION of the CULTURE that exists. Honestly defining EXPECTATIONS (individually & collectively) for your program. Intensely MARKETING your BRAND that accurately portrays who your team truly is leads to recruiting success.

Recruits don’t choose WHAT you do to be successful but rather WHY you do them. You want people to choose your BRAND based on the reality of the situation which will then lead to long-term success for the INDIVIDUAL & for your CULTURE.

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