‘fun’ is a brand differentiator?

Be honest. Prior to the 2015-2016 season in which Monmouth basketball became known for their outrageous celebrations, you probably hadn’t thought much about the program (or perhaps since). But the majority of you (I hope) know exactly what I’m talking about. That’s because, that year, the national media fell in love with the gregarious personality of the team’s so-called ‘benchwarmers.’ SB Nation went so far as to write: “Monmouth’s over-the-top bench celebrations are the most fun thing about college basketball.” The crucial word in that headline, without a doubt, is ‘fun.’ I keep coming back to this, but lets breakdown the situation you’re all in. You’re working in sports, which at its essence is nothing more than a series of different games. Games. Games that are supposed to be fun, even though our society has transformed sports into little more than another money making enterprise. You’re also working with kids. Kids. As an eighteen-year-old college student, my personal mantra might as well have been fun over everything. The problem is, these young men and women are treated as professionals during the prime of their fun-having years. WHAT IF you let them have fun? WHAT IF your program was perceived to be the “most fun (insert sport) team in America”? Be that brand for them (athletes). Sadly, fun is a point of differentiation today. Take advantage.