traded access for media?

*The following is an excerpt from the book Brands Win Championships*

One thing that goes very much underutilized in the media world is bartering. This is a tactic I’ve used consistently over my career, specifically with media and retail partners. Content is king, and you have valuable content to offer: players and coaches. Barter with media outlets who target the demographic you want to talk to by offering up inside access to your program in return for space on their sites or in their magazines (i.e., free media and exposure).

If a vendor wants access to our adidas Football and Baseball athletes or coaches, the first question I ask is, “What’s in it for us?” Bartering can be a great way to earn media when you don’t have media money. Finally, if you’ve found a taker, go one step further and create an ongoing program with the site that you can brand the way you want to brand it. If you’re the University of Tennessee and you have a Naismith Award candidate at center, create a program with a relevant site in which your center blogs once a week exclusively on that site. Brand the blog in a way that tells your brand story while at the same time getting the word out on your award candidate. Never accept the initial offer, always look to take it to the next level, and tell your brand story.