you could brand a thank you?

We are all familiar with thank you notes. You write them after you have a great meeting at a professional function, conversation on the phone, or a job interview. It’s common courtesy for you to acknowledge the positive experience you had and thank the people who took the time out of their busy schedule to chat with you.

Yet, people can get hundreds of thank you notes, so how can you stand out? What if you can brand your thank you gift? The answer is you can. Tie in a gift that reflects both your personality and where you are from. For example, in Louisville, KY – this means sending someone a gift that is known here in the city. Kentucky is known for bourbon, but not many people have had bourbon balls (chocolates infused with bourbon and other flavors). They are amazing! The gift is not only memorable and tied to where I am from, but helps create an experience for others to share and acknowledge publicly. Generosity combined with experiences equals powerful connections that make other remember you. Plus, everyone loves chocolate.

So, ask yourself – what is your thank you gift that is tied to your brand?