you celebrated the preseason?

*The following is an excerpt from the book Brands Win Championships*

Football and basketball are year-round sports for most of the country, which means you can get fans involved in these particular programs outside of the traditional in-season months. Midnight Madness in basketball provides an event outside of the season in which fans want to be involved. Make it an experience, if not for the product on the court then for the families attending. Make it something families look forward to every year. Give people a reason to attend outside of the desire to see next year’s team. The reality is the majority of your fans aren’t hardcore enough to care about a scrimmage featuring next year’s squad; however, if you give them added incentive to attend the event, what happens on the court becomes icing. Think in the same way when it comes to events like spring games in football or recruiting dinners and pep rallies, which cover all sports.