you rallied your locals to build your brand?

*The following is an excerpt from the book Brands Win Championships*

Local community support is key in convincing recruits and families of those recruits that your school is right for their son or daughter. College towns are a big draw to athletes, but in order to create that college-town atmosphere, you’re going to need to get your community to rally around your program. Getting your team out and helping in the community is a great way to get the locals on your side.

While you’re winning over the locals at these events, make sure you’re passing out swag with your program and school represented, things like window signs, house flags, car flags, anything a potential recruit may see on a visit (i.e., not something that will sit inside someone’s house). Capitalize on that goodwill you have built with the local community, and give them the nudge they need to start visibly showing their support for the program.