you loved your “job”?

(Post Via Guest Chef Brittany Cohen, Pac-12 Networks and Golden State Warriors Game Operations)

Close your eyes. Take a breath. Go to your happy place.

Where are you?

Maybe you’re on a beach. Maybe you’re in a cabin surrounded by the snow.

Where am I?

I’m surrounded by 60,000 people screaming at the top of their lungs. We all want the same thing. Tim Brown in the endzone. Owen Nolan with a hat trick.

My Happy place? At the 50 yard-line, eight rows back, a hot dog in one hand and a half-spilled beer in the other. Surrounded by painted faces and “DE-FENSE” chants. I’m inside a stadium. It is complete chaos; but this is where I am most at peace.

Sports are my outlet; my breath of fresh air when I need it the most. It turns out, it’s genetic. My mom was just as crazy-passionate about sports as I am. She passed when I was seven, but some of my strongest memories from that time are my mom and I cheering on the Raiders.

To me it’s more than just a game, every game tells a story. I love watching teams grow from a group of individual athletes into a family. I love watching a team on a mission. I love that sports are my happy place, which is why I have chosen a career in sports.

Where are you?