you went the cowboy way?

(This concept comes from Dave Meluni’s Sports Management class at the University of Syracuse. The students who presented this idea as part of the “Brand Food University” Program are:Ryan Dilts, Phillip Walz, Hongkwan Park, David Chow, Zach Adee, Spencer Frybergh)



How can “Upset U” generate media coverage and drive sales using a single piece of merchandise launched at the NCAA tournament



Our university, Underdog University, recently made the NCAA Tournament! The Underdog Desperadoes are located in a small town in Texas. Our concept idea is to sell yellow and black cowboy hats. These cowboy hats would resemble the one that our mascot, Danny the Desperado, wears. The popularity of cowboy hats in the region will get the local fans to buy into the idea to get it started. As the tournament progresses, the more people will see our team along with our fans. The bright yellow and black color scheme will draw the attention of viewers across the country as these colors are aesthetically pleasing. These cowboy hats will stand out when the fans are shown during the tournament games. Following each game, the “Hee Haw” chant between the fans and players along with the tipping of the cowboy hats by the fans will grab the attention of the media. The combination of these upsets, chants, the unique and bright color scheme, and the popularity of cowboy hats in the team’s area, will allow for Underdog University to generate and make national media coverage and drive sales.