team merchandising had a simple solution?

(This concept comes from Dave Meluni’s Sports Management class at the University of Syracuse. The students who presented this idea as part of the “Brand Food University” Program are: Connor Davis, Dean Vergos, Ben Lehrberger, Robbie Duggan, Chris Nolan, Christian Owens)



How can “Upset U” generate media coverage and drive sales using a single piece of merchandise launched at the NCAA tournament



Underdog U can generate and make national media coverage through one piece of clothing; team-themed bandanas. These bandanas will be worn by fans during basketball games and feature the team color scheme. The bandana will be effective because when the camera pans over to the student section or the general admission sections, the bandanas will be clearly visible whether the person wears the bandana across their forehead, across their necks, or its waved around like a flag. Another key component is that bandanas are not relatively popular among sporting events. It is not a typical piece of clothing fans wear to sporting events, it is an accessory. Therefore, the idea of wearing a bandana to a sporting event will hopefully be associated with Underdog U’s school if it catches on. Production of the bandanas is also very cheap as it’s simply a single piece of fabric that can be sold for much more than its production cost, therefore yielding a significant profit if marketed properly.