confidence is the key to brand building?

Those who are comfortable in their own skin, are sexy. We want to be with them. Individuals who know and love themselves for who they are, are infectious. We want to be around them. Those unicorns among us who live their lives unapologetically, are role models. We want to be like them. And surprise-surprise, brands are no different.

When that upstart surf company rejects public opinion and instead carves out its own radical path, people swoon. People swoon because many strive to live their lives in a similar way, but don’t. It’s too scary. That same public opinion, along with the responsibility, fear and consequence that come with being an adult, get in the way. We all have a little anarchy inside of us, but it’s a brave few that actually let it out. And that’s why we’re attracted to the ones that do. They say what we won’t, they do what we wish we could, and they refuse to worry about what other people think, including their own fans. That’s why we love them. People follow leaders and leaders don’t follow anyone.

It’s often said that humans can smell insecurity, but that’s not all we can smell. Self-assurance produces an equally potent scent. The difference is, one turns us off, while the other turns us on.