hesitancy is killing your brand?

You’re in a boxing ring, tucked away in one corner. In the opposing corner you see your opponent, a longtime, and heavily favored rival. This is the moment you’ve been training for. This is why you lifted all of those weights. For a chance to defeat your competition once and for all.

The bell sounds, the fight begins. You land a jab, they land a jab. You miss on a right hook, they land a left. And another. And another. You’re dazed, but still standing. Round one ends with you sporting a swollen eye and bruised ego. The crowd is on their side. Things look bleak.

Round two picks up where round one left off, you’re getting the worst of this fight. Until you see an opening. The body is vulnerable. You pounce. Left. Right. Right. Left. They’re not ready for it, and just as they lower their guard to protect the middle, exposing their head…WHAM… you land a fierce uppercut to the jaw. Your opponent’s legs are wobbly, eyes are glazing over, they’re ready to go down. With one more shot this fight will be finished and you’ll be the new champion. What do you do?

Before you answer, imagine your opponent is a competing brand. One that’s fallen on tough financial times, but still holds a significant amount of market share. They’re vulnerable. If you overinvest now, there’s a good chance you can take that market share away and end their reign. It’s kill or be killed time, what do you do? Do you get conservative and hope that they throw in the towel? Or do you attack by pouring money into an ad campaign that exposes their weaknesses for the world to see? I know what I would do.