you can’t build a marketing plan at the office?

When the time comes to build a brand marketing plan, go home. It’s not happening at the office. Not with water cooler talk, meeting after meeting and email jail haunting you from 9am to 5pm each day. I learned this lesson (and countless others) while at Ubisoft. It was there that I enjoyed several firsts. I was in my first brand marketing role, as an associate brand manager. I’d been given my first brand to launch and manage on my own, a low-budget first-person-shooter game set in the wild west, by the name of Call of Juarez. And it was in that downtown San Francisco building, as an early twenty-something, where I first discovered the power of leaving the office.

The industry had low expectations for Call of Juarez, nonetheless it was my opportunity to prove I belonged and I wasn’t about to take it lightly. But I was running into the same issue many of us face at work. Distraction. There was too much happening around me to truly sit down and concentrate on building a launch plan. So I went home to formulate my strategy. That was step one.

Step two was setting the mood. Not only did I need freedom from interruption, I needed to immerse myself in the game’s story. So I hosted my own personal screening of old west movies. And while Billy the Kid did his thing in the background, I channeled my inner-sheriff to build one of the strongest marketing plans of my career. It worked.

The game went on to exceed expectations and I had discovered a solution to planning amid corporate chaos: go home.