quality trumps quantity?

When it comes to building a social media community, quality trumps quantity. Having thousands of Instagram followers only matters if they’re the right followers. People who believe in and are fanatical enough about your brand message to repeat it back to you and engage, much like a concert.

Choosing quality over quantity is the difference between an arena packed with die-hard fans of your music, stomping, clapping and singing your songs in unison, versus a lethargic, unenthusiastic crowd waiting for the next band to come on stage. You want the former.

A big gathering does you no good if those in attendance don’t enjoy your genre of music. The more like-minded and passionate your audience is about your brand, the stronger it’ll appear and feel to the outside world. Leading to more of the right fans, more of the right headlines and more of the right buzz.

Instead of spending your time trying to sell out Madison Square Garden for the sake of saying you did, turn your attention to packing that intimate club down the street with people who want to be there.