brand marketing is about empathy?

with depression. Now if my math is correct, that adds up to nearly 55 million potentially great brand marketers. Why do I say that? Because brand marketing is about empathy. The ability to recognize that life is hard, Facebook profiles are curated and no one, not even Jay-Z and Beyoncé, are perfect, is the key to your success. People struggle, and the more you, the marketer, can relate to that struggle, the better at building a brand you’ll be.

So stop pretending your brand is spotless and life is flawless, neither is true. Neither is relatable. Your product is here to help repair a small part of our fragile psyches. I didn’t ask Santa for the Dee Brown Reebok Pump basketball shoes as a kid because I thought they would make me a better point guard. I had to have them because they looked cool, all of my friends wanted them, and in my head, that combination added up to girls liking me. Humans are a simple species, quit treating us like we’re Aristotle and Plato. That’s not the case. We’re thinking at the surface and managing our delicate egos, just like you.

Which is why your own struggles as a person equate to your super power as a marketer. You get it. You get me. You get us. You know the real reason people buy what they buy, and it’s not because that $5,000 Rolex watch is great at telling time.