your school hired a free agent national writer?

We’ve all read the stories about the layoffs of talented sports writers from media giants like ESPN and Fox Sports.  Writers whose opinions are highly respected across the industry and carry a national following. WHAT IF you hired one of these writers to become a training camp insider the first week in August?  What a way to make a splash with your fans by providing your audience with a respected voice as an insider, creating content exclusively for your digital and social channels.  Imagine the way you could utilize their talent; from interviews with your coaches to behind the scenes looks inside practice. Departments could even use these respected professionals as talent evaluators, comparing your program to others around the conference or even the NFL.  All of the content could originate with your site and social channels, but allow the writer to also post to his/her social accounts as well.  By leveraging the free-agent talent across the landscape of college football you can naturally increase the reach of your program into a hyper-focused section of the general public at a time that fans are craving information about the sport.

you recruited with virtual reality?

Virtual reality in sports was a widely discussed topic in 2016. Some of the more innovative teams, coaches and trainers have certainly embraced VR capabilities to enhance their preparation but WHAT IF college programs proactively used it to help build their brand and most importantly, recruit? WHAT IF schools used virtual reality content to sell recruits on the benefits of their program without having to go on an official visit? Sure, nothing beats the experience of flying to a school, meeting coaches and current players in person and taking in all the campus has to offer. But imagine you’re a high school star seeing what a school’s training facilities look like or what it feels like to walk through their stadium tunnel on game day, without even having to leave your home? This could no doubt usher a new trend of recruiting communications and help garner interest from recruits not familiar with the ins outs of your program. Additionally, for schools with smaller recruiting budgets trying to compete with powerhouses for 5-Stars, VR could allow for a more level playing field. Finally, the media headlines that steam from this approach calling your program “the most innovative team in America” would go a long way to differentiate and build your brand.